FTA Thailand-Turkey to be concluded in 2018

Source: Department of Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand

The second round of Free Trade Agreement negotiation between Thailand and Turkey was held during 13rd – 15th December 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. After both sides had exchanged the information of trade policy in the previous negotiation in July, 2017 in Angara, they discussed on the draft on trade agreement which includes custom rules and process, trade facilitation, anti-dumping policy, and sanitary and phytosanitary agreement (SPS) etc. The agreement on such topics will be the fundamental basis for the discussion on mutual trade agreement in the third round negotiation in March 2018, Ankara.

Republic of Turkey has a strategic location as trade gateway for Thailand to Middle East countries and other European countries. FTA negotiation will lead to the beneficial results for both countries such as ease of doing business and custom issue. The potential sectors for Thai exporters to expand their market in Turkey are, for example, fruits and vegetable, plastic, rubber product, automobile and parts, machinery, refrigerator as well as chemicals.

Both side expect the FTA to be concluded within 2018 on occasion of 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Turkey. After the FTA could be enforced, the expected trade value between the 2 countries in 2020 will be 2,000 billion USD. (increasing from 1,374 billion USD in 2016)

For more information on FTA between Thailand and Turkey, please click https://www.dtn.go.th/